Virtual Assistants – The 10 Ways they can minimize your work load!


A lot of unnessacery stress is placed upon business owners due to incomplete tasks that are still outstanding at the end of the day. Businesses in the early start up phase, or are going through tough times, cant always afford to have full time staff. However, hiring a Virtual Assistant can make things easier and ease the unnessacerry stress. The initial process of hiring a Virtual Assitant can feel pretty daunting but once you know what roles you want to outsource, the whole process becomes very easy.

So, if you are looking for a Virtual assistant on the Sunshine Coast, this is where we come in! With years of expericene, no task is too big or too small. But, if you’re still struggling to work out what tasks a Virtual Assitant can do, then here is a list of 10 tasks for reference.


Email Management

Take the stress of dealing with emails and pass it to one of our VAs. We can reply to cusomter enquiries, organsise your inbox, filter the useless from the important emails and much more. It might sound too simple to pass over but on average people was 3 hours a day looking, sorting and responding to emails.


Website/Blog Maintenance

What a lot of people forget is that your website is your online billboard and just like us needs to stay fresh and updated regularly. Most of our VAs are proficient with WordPress and can make changes as and when you require.


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Zoom/Video Conferencing Training and Support

I don’t think people realized how unprepared the world was if a when a pandemic was to hit, and COVID-19 has been a real eye opener. Zooms Video conferencing platform has exploded and active users per day increased from 10million to 200million in 3 months. The platforms capabilities make it an industry leader and we can see why. Learning how to use Zoom can be time consuming, but more importantly you need to know the basics well. Knowing the basics can make your meetings run smoother and look more professional. Contact one of our VAs and they can help you learn the basics and be there to support you when needed.


Database Management

As a business owner, its important to have your database upto date and accurate as much as possible. Let one of our Virtual assistants keep your database upto date with the correct contact name, email address and phone number.


Report Creation

In any business, having accurate and upto date information and stats are vital to helping you run your business efficiently. Let one of our VAs create usable and easy to read reports that allow you to focus on the important things and create strategic plans for the next 3/6/12 months.


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Social Media & Live Chat

These are 2 things that are so vitally important for your business as it allows you to stay in constant contact with your clients and adverstise to them on demand. Connect Marketing Solutions can help you set up, mange your social media channels and live chat across social media platforms and your website. 44% of customers will leave and never return if you don’t respond within a reasonable time frame. Let us help you stay connected.


Administrative Duties

From basic data entry, excel spreadsheet creation and proof reading, our Virtual Assitants can help you save time and focus on the important tasks. If you can save 3 hours of data entry to work on that important quote or sell more porducts, its worth outsourcing.


Online Research

Whether its research on a competitior or just want to know the facts on a topic, let our team do the leg work for you. Staying ahead of your competition in all aspects of business is key, so allow us to complile a report of our findings that is in an easy to read document. We will find you the facts so you can make informed business decisions.


Project Management

There is a big belief that Project Management is for large time consuming projects and you have to have all the qualifications in the world to be good at it……FALSE! Project management is simply the ability to manage a project from start to finish and keep all parties informed of the process and any potential issues that might arise. Allow Connect Marketing Solutions to manage your projects; from creating a virtual training session, to creating a new marketing campaign, allow us to work with your team to deliver the project on time and on budget.


SEO and Website Analysis

Its important to have your website mobile friendly and fast so that you don’t loose potential customers. But people always forget about conducting a thorough website analysis and using that data to good effect. Understanding your customer behaviour is key to be 1 step ahead of your customers, exploring trends/patterns and knowing when you strike with promotions.


We have only mentioned a few and there are hundreds more jobs that Connect Marketing Solutoins can assist with. Contact us today  to find out how we can help you grow your business in 2020.

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